CS Law Group was able to end an 5+years case within 6 month, thank you very much. David Chow and his group is very through and professional with their work. On top of that, they are great on every detail follow up, which is crucial in my case? thank you again
Kalvin L.
Knowledgeable and professional. These are the two words to best describe the staff. The reason I went to CS Law was because it was a one stop shop for my legal and financial needs. They are very attentive and their knowledge of the Asian market and laws was very beneficial.
Eric S.
I had some immigration issues and attorney Michael Shen was able to help me even though it was last minute. He spent a lot of time reviewing my case and stayed late on a Friday night to patiently answer all my questions. And he has a very unique and nice looking office unlike some of the stuffy old law offices I've been to. I would definitely recommend Michael Shen and his law offices for anyone looking for excellent legal services. It's also near a major shopping center so you can go shopping afterwards!
Celia C.
David and Mike are not only knowledgeable and professional in their practice, but honest and dedicated to their work and clients, which really are the factors qualifying them as top lawyers! I never write reviews for colleagues but they truly deserve my validation. You won't regret hiring these guys!
Ivan L.
It's not a cliche when I say I don't leave reviews for anything, ever. I can give a rats axx about helping businesses. But i can't thank Mike enough and I wanted to voice my great experiences working with him. I even have to sign up a Yelp account to do it. An absolute pleasure to work with. Had some business (law) issue and questions and my friend referred me to Mike. Although I wasn't yet sure to retain their services (he knew) at first but he was able to answer all my questions with great care and attention to details. Sure enough I chose him over other attorneys (type A personality, had to be absolutely sure and comfortable), and couldn't be more happy with overall service and results. When you find yourself needing legal advice, God forbid, and must set budget for this, you need your attorneys to be not just knowledgable and most importantly attentive to your needs and circumstances. I am happy to say I am relived to not have to be lost at who to turn to anymore knowing that I will always get the best support I need from Mike. Highly recommend all the way!
Brandon C.
I had a chance to consult with Attorney David at my commercial case and he was a tremendous help to me. He helped me with an independent commercial case step by step with patience as well as professional knowledge and finally helped me solve the case. During the process, I can easily communicate with him nearly 24/7 with my concerns. Indeed, his logic and strategy is very clear and powerful. In this kind of situation you will really need some representation from a place you can trust. It is the most important thing when it comes to selecting which commercial lawyer you should work with. Based on my experience, I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for someone who they can trust with good advice. On top of that, they win their cases. It must be because they are so efficient with details. David worked hard to build the best case for me and in the end the outcome was exactly that i expected. I always felt at the top of his list regardless of how many clients he had and was very responsive to all of my calls and email.
David W.
CS Law group is professional, and knowledgable. I was lost, to say the least, when it comes to legal concerns. Mike was able to walk me through the process and make me feel at ease. I now refer all my family and friends to Mike at CS Law. It's great to know there's someone trustworthy to turn to when legal matters strike.
Annie W.
很不错的律师楼, 价格不高,服务很好, 有什么问题都可以咨询他们
My parents were immigrated to Los Angeles and I had David Chow Esq. at CS Law Group to help me file a petition for them. He was very patience and helpful for all the information I need. He's very responsive and I highly recommend to contact them if you have any immigration issues!
Candi L.
Ted C.
找了几个自称可以做海关的律师,都没能够解答到我们公司的海关问题,好庆幸可以找到CS律师楼,他们的律师因为本身是联邦报关师,而且有多年的相关海关经验,所以真的真的很专业! 给我们公司的海关难题做了非常详尽的分析,提供了非常宝贵的法律意见,很高兴终于可以有一个这么专业的海关华人律师为我们解决海关上的难题。
Alice C.
Hong G.
谢谢邹律师帮我解决了进出口的问题! 真的非常感谢! 我们公司省很多钱. 未来所有的进出口的问题我们公司一定第一时间找你们!!!
Joe T.
Michael and David are very professional and spent so much time to listen to all of my concerns. They helped me to successfully litigate my case in court! Thank you very much!